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Create & Track QR codes...

QR CODE GENERATOR & TRACKING isn't just a 2D code creator. It's a comprehensive data tracking service that tells you exactly how people interact with your 2D Codes and marketing campaign.


You can now develop your own application and use the API to create a trackable QR Code, and fetch the same detailed analytics reports.The API supports campaign creation and management, user & subuser management, reports, and embeddable graphs.
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  • Facebook Pages, Smartphone Apps and Mobile websites

  • QR Code with logos

  • Campaign Groups

  • Bulk Codes

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  • Dashboard

  • Scans

  • Goals

  • Bounce Rate

  • Time on site

  • Pageviews

  • Unique Scans

  • Traffic Overview

  • Content Overview

  • Demographics

  • Phones

  • Locations

  • Media

  • Mobile Reports

  • Email Notification

  • Sub-Users

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